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This all took place during the summer of 2001. My two buddies and I got some friends to get us some booze so we could drink. I had the house to myself and decided to invite them over. The guys I was with were hot to begin with, but to actually have them at my house. Even though I was young, I will never forget that night.

Their names were Tyler and Ryan. Tyler was my good pal, whereas Ryan was the bad ass of our town. They were both wearing muscle shirts, which for me was good, cause armpits turn me on big time. Somehow down the road we got talking about pit-hair (hurray for me) and soon enough the shirts were off and we were comparing our chests and stomachs. Holy fuck what hot guys they were indeed.

We then got the idea to sneak into the pool and go for a dip. Along the way is where it all began. I told the two of them that I was bisexual and wanted both of them. They just kept talking until it actually sank in. They weren't wierded out or anything but they acted weird towards me as we approached the pool. When we got there I was shocked to be asked if I wanted to skinny dip, but soon I heard myself agreeing to it. Only Ryan and I went in. I watched him undress and pull out his hard cut cock, while mine pulsed in my pants growing harder. My pal Tyler kept watch while I had the fuck of my life.

We both went into the pool at first. I just looked at his body and pictured us both in various different scenes. Then he came up to me and took hold of my cock. He started to rock my dick up and down while exploring my balls and getting to know my asshole. I came up to his face and we made out hardcore while he jerked me off. Eventually I took his steel hard cock and started to pull on it hard. Soon we found ourselves in the hot tub, which was drained for the night but was still steamy. It was really hot. He sucked me off while I felt his whole body, pit-hair and all. Then I sucked him while he rubbed me down back and forth cock in cock out - so much cock I was in heaven. I whispered into his ear while he was blowing me, he looked up and turned over. I got up and slapped my hard meat in between his ass. From then on all I heard was moans and all I felt was hot sweat and the hot guy whose ass my cock was ramming.

After I was finished with him we got out and I finished him off in the park, right outside the pool, and swallowed his huge load. We went back to my house and for the whole night we fucked in my parent's bed and then we met each other a couple of nights here and there for a while. We haven't seen each other in a few years but god it was heaven just remembering that body of his and his so good. I still jerk off to it and will for many years to come. 2002-2015. All rights reserved.
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