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One summer when I was 16, during the summer holidays, I had my first taste of sex with a man. Before that I had mucked around with a couple of my mates and knew I liked it, but that had just been playing at it and I knew I wanted more. We lived out in the country, which was great, as you had loads of freedom growing up. The nearest house was down the road a bit, so you had some privacy too. When my parents were at work, I liked to sunbathe naked in the garden and that summer I'd got quite a good tan, as there wasn't really much else to do. My mates all seemed to be away with their families.

The next house down the road had been empty for some time, but apparently it had now been let out to a young married couple and a few days later a moving van pulled up early one morning as I was having my breakfast, so I took my coffee upstairs to sit on my bedroom window-sill and watch them move in. Guess that tells you how bored I was!

A car had pulled up behind the van and a man and woman got out, heading up the path to the door. Didn't really pay much attention to her, but he looked interesting even from this distance. Tall, dark and fit looking, in his mid twenties maybe, wearing worn jeans and a T-shirt, he walked up the path giving me a view of his ass in the tight jeans. I watched for a while till I got bored of furniture and boxes being carried into the house, then went off to sunbathe in the back garden.

That evening over supper my Mum and Dad were discussing the new arrivals, Dad had spoken to them on his way home and found out that she was a nurse at the hospital and that husband travelled for a local agricultural tools supplier. Mum, being her usual generous self, suggested that in the morning I should walk down with some of her homemade slab cake to welcome them and maybe some eggs too from our chickens. I was ok with that as hopefully I'd get a better look at this interesting man.

So next morning after breakfast I walked along the road bearing a large cake and a basket of eggs as instructed. I wasn't sure if there was anyone at home as the car had gone, but I knocked anyway and waited. After a bit I heard the lock and the door opened to reveal a sleepy looking husband clad only in a pair of boxers. I tried not to stare as I stammered a bit and held out Mum's offerings. He was really goodlooking close up with a nicely defined body and with just a smattering of dark hair on his chest which ran down his stomach in a line and disappeared into the waistband of his boxers.

He smiled, which nearly made me drop the eggs and said "Great. Do you want to bring them through to the kitchen?" and he headed off indoors. I followed him into the kitchen and carefully placed the stuff on the kitchen table. As I did so, I looked around at the boxes and packing paper strewn round the floor. He'd obviously followed my gaze, as he said,"Yes we're still in a bit of a muddle. Would you like a cup of coffee?" I nodded. He smiled that smile again "OK. Have a seat, if you can find an empty one" and he turned to the kettle. I sat down where I could stare at him now that he had his back to me and admire his fit body and only drew my eyes away when he turned round and came over to the table with the coffee. He handed me a cup and sat down opposite me with his own, brushing some packing off the chair so he could sit. He told me his name was Alan and that he'd taken some time off to cope with the move but that his wife had to go straight back to work. As we sat chatting, I noticed that the way he was sitting with his legs apart made his boxers gape open at the front and I was getting a pretty good view of his cock nestling in a mass of black hair. He seemed totally unaware that he was showing off his equipment and I found it very hard to keep my eyes above his waist level and to concentrate on the conversation. We chatted away for a while as we drank our coffee and when he said that he should really be getting on with the unpacking, instead of getting up to go, I found myself offering to give a hand.

" You sure?", he said "haven't you anything more exciting to do than help me unpack boxes?" I couldn't think of anything else I'd rather do today than spend it with this sexy man, but I managed to blurt out "Nothing very exciting happens round here." He smiled "OK, then you're on."

So Alan went off to get dressed, which meant a pair of cut off jeans and a T-shirt and we set to work. We worked well together and by 1 o'clock the kitchen and the dining room were both tidy and all the rubbish thrown out into the garage. I was glad when Alan suggested a break for lunch as it was warm and I was starting to feel hungry. " How about a sandwich and a cool drink in the garden."

"Sounds good to me." I replied. So I helped him make two mighty ham sandwiches and we went out the back door into the garden, Alan grabbbing a couple of beers from the fridge on the way past. We settled on the grass under an apple tree in the corner of the garden and attacked the sandwiches. Before he started eating, Alan pulled off his T-shirt and I was glad to do the same as it had been hot lugging all that stuff about. Their garden was pretty much the same as ours except that it was totally walled in so it was very peaceful and private. Great for a bit of nude sunbathing, I thought. As if he had read my mind, Alan said "Good place to work on the tan, nice and private."

"Funny" I replied "I was just thinking the same" Alan smiled "How about we take some time out then and do a bit of sun worshipping? I think we deserve it don't you?" I nodded. Quite frankly I was up for anything this man suggested.

Alan went back indoors and came back with a rug and two more beers. As he spread the rug out on the grass, he looked across and said "I usually lie naked when I'm on my own. Would you be offended if I stripped off?"

Would I be offended? I thought all my birthdays had come at once, but I just shook my head and said "That's OK. I do that as well" So we both took off our shorts and settled on the rug to drink our beer. Too late I realised that I might have a problem lying next to a naked Alan without getting a hardon, but if that happened, I would have to lie on my stomach till it passed. Alan's body was tanned all over, including a brown chunky cock and big hairy balls. Apart from my mates, I'd never seen a grown man completely naked before and I was fascinated by the sight before me. Before I had time to turn over, I felt my cock start to stiffen and looking up, I was aware of Alan watching me with an amused expression on his face.

"Is my cock turning you on,Joe" he said, smiling at my obvious embarrassment and rapidly hardening cock. He continued "It's OK. " putting a hand out to touch my chest "Don't be embarrassed. It's a natural thing to happen when you're naked with someone" and he ran his hand down my stomach and took hold of me. I nearly jumped out of my skin. Alan's touch was like an electric shock and my cock jerked in his hand. Looking down, I could see that his own prick was thickening up and expanding . As I had nothing much to compare it with, to me it seemed to be huge and still getting bigger. Certainly bigger than mine and I was at least seven inches as I'd spent most of the summer measuring it every week hoping it would grow.

Alan leant across and kissed me on the lips, at the same time guiding my hand down to his cock. His cock seemed to fill my hand and I could barely get my fingers round it. How big was this thing? What started to worry me was what he wanted to do with it, as at that point in my life, I was still naive and inexperienced. Alan knew exactly what he was doing, however and obviously realised I hadn't done much before, so when he suggested moving inside, he put a hand on my shoulder to reassure me and said "We'll be more comfortable there and we won't do anything you don't want to."

I looked at him and even at that young age, I knew I could trust him. I nodded agreement and he led me by the hand back into the house, taking the rug with him. We headed for one of the bedrooms where a mattress was lying on the floor. Alan threw the rug on to it then pulled me down beside him, kissing me passionately. I was so excited by him that I hoped I didn't spoil it by cumming too fast as I wanted this afternoon to last. Now he was moving across my chest and stomach with his lips till he reached my cock, which he started to lick with his tongue then slid his mouth down my shaft till he had my whole cock in his mouth. He crawled round on the rug till his own cock was close to my face. He obviously wanted me to return the favour. I took a look at this massive piece of meat in front of me and thought it would choke me, but at the same time, I really wanted to get a taste of his cock. In the past I'd sucked one of my mates but he was nowhere near the size of Alan. However I opened my mouth and got about half of his huge tool down my throat before I felt myself start to gag. I stopped for a breather using my tongue to tease the tip of his prick, which brought a moan from Alan. I ventured a bit further down his shaft and found I was relaxing into it, so I started sliding my mouth up and down like he was doing to me, which was driving me crazy. If I hadn't been concentrating on dealing with Alan's dick, I'd probably have cum by now.

We carried on sucking on each other for a while, then Alan broke away and before I knew what was happening, he'd flipped me over and had his face buried in my ass. I could feel his tongue licking round my hole, the tip of it poking around a bit and exploring my virgin ass. I had been relaxed but I tensed up, worried that he wanted to fuck me, something I'd never experienced and I wasn't sure I wanted to start with something that size, although what Alan was doing to me felt absolutely amazing and my trapped cock was throbbing against the bed. Alan must have felt me go tense, cos he stopped what he was doing and crawled up the bed to whisper in my ear "Don't worry we'll stop any time you like. I won't do anything to hurt you. I just want to play around with my cock against your cute arse. Tell me if you want me to stop, OK."

I nodded, too excited to say anything and he slid back down to continue licking out my hole. I felt a bit better now. so when he replaced his tongue with his cock, I didn't panic but enjoyed the sensation of his massive weapon nuzzling my hole. He nudged his cock a little way in then took it out again. He leant forward and kissed my shoulder. "Can I try a bit more?" he asked. I nodded. I felt his cock back at my arsehole pushing its way in. He was being very gentle with me. He pushed in a little more and I didn't find it too sore, although I certainly knew there was something up there. I moved myself a bit to get comfier and raised my arse to adjust my squashed cock. Suddenly I felt this huge thing inside me filling me completely, taking my breathe away. Alan had seen my movement as wanting more and gone for broke.

I craned my neck round so I could see what was happening and saw a big smile on Alan's face. "Yes, you've got the whole thing" he said. I looked down and saw that his huge cock was buried in my hole. God, I didn't realise anything could feel as good as this. I propped myself up on my elbows and kept my head turned so I could watch myself get fucked for the first time, as I'd decided that I wanted him to continue. I smiled at Alan and he took it as a signal that he could carry on. He started moving slowly in and out of my hole to get me used to the sensation, then after a couple of minutes, he started to pick up the pace, pumping away at my ass. He looked across at me now and again, anxious maybe that he was hurting me, but when he saw my face, he carried on concentrating on what he was doing, really slamming into my arse now, I could feel his balls slapping against my cheeks as he thrust inside me right up to the hilt. Soon I felt a change in the sensation, he felt even bigger all of a sudden and I sensed Alan's body stiffen. He let out a low moan and I felt his hot cum shoot up my hole. He let out a yell as he released his load then collapsed on top of me. We lay like that for a while, him breathing heavily and me totally dazed not quite believing what had just happened to me. Later he turned me over and kissed me long on the lips. "You were a great fuck, young Joe" he whispered in my ear. "we'd better take care of your cock now" his hand moving downwards." No need" I replied as I'd already cum all over the rug while I was getting fucked.

We eventually tidied ourselves up and had another beer out in the garden, where Alan admitted that he'd actually unbuttoned his boxers in the kitchen when he had his back to me, as he'd fancied me and wanted to see if I was interested or not. He thought it was really funny watching me look everywhere apart from his crotch and copping a sneaky look now and again when I thought he wasn't looking. We sat chatting till about 4pm when I left to go home, but I promised to come back tomorrow to help with the unpacking.

Alan and I had many enjoyable days together that summer till I left to go to college, when we kind of lost touch, but I'll always remember him as special in my life. 2002-2015. All rights reserved.
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