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  3. Membership Terms and Conditions
1. I vouch that I am fully accepting of all sexualities and I do not discriminate against any individuals on the basis of their sexuality or gender identity.
2. I agree that I will keep secret my website password, that allows me to sign in to this website, and I will not share this password with anyone. I also agree that I will use the web site facilities to change my password, should I suspect that it has become known by anyone else.
3. I understand that I can cancel my sign-in account at any time, and that GuysLink has the right to cancel my account at any time, without prior notice.
4. I understand that it is a condition of my registration that I must be contactable by email and I agree to update my registration details, to change my registered email address, whenever I close or discontinue use of my previously registered email account.
5. I authorize GuysLink to send emails to me periodically, in the following circumstances:
  • Annually, to verify that my email address remains operational, or after a three month period in which I have not logged in.
  • To notify me of important changes to my account and to provide information that I request, for example when my account email address is changed or when I request a password reset.
  • To notify me of the arrival of messages from other members, if I create a personal ad and until I cancel that personal ad.
  • To notify me of issues regarding my personal ad or use of my sign-in account.
6. I confirm that the registration details that I have provided are correct. In particular, I certify that the postcode or location I have provided and my date of birth (when provided) are accurate and do not misrepresent my physical location or age.
7. I realize that this website service is provided for use by members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community who wish to connect with other community members or with services and resources relevant to that community.
8. In regard to my personal ad, my message forum postings, or my private messages to others, I understand that the following activities are disallowed and will lead to cancellation of my registration:
  • Use for any illegal purpose, for any political purpose or for the purpose of commercial advertising, marketing, selling or promotion.
  • Use for the exploitation or deception of members (particularly of younger members), for financial gain, to make requests for sex with those below the legal age of consent or for any other unlawful purpose.
  • The inclusion of homophobic or abusive content.
  • The inclusion of copyrighted materials.
  • The disclosure of another person's personal information, including their email address, residential address, telephone number or employment details, when that information is not ordinarily in the public domain.
  • The deliberate misrepresentation of age or appearance, for example by suggesting that a photo of another person is a photo of yourself.
  • The inclusion of materials that would be deemed as obscene or as child pornography in the context of Section 163 of the Canadian Criminal Code.
  • The repeated posting of messages to a message forum that is clearly inappropriate based on the message content.
9. Members are strongly recommended not to publicly reveal their own (or anyone else's) email address, house address, telephone number or employment details. If residential addresses or telephone numbers are included within messages posted to our message forums, we will be very inclined to delete these messages on suspicion that the information may be a hoax.
10. We welcome members of all ages, but those who are younger than the legal age of consent for gay sex, as appropriate for their place of residence, may not use our services to explicitly solicit sex. Younger members may seek friendships, online contacts or relationships but we recommend that they should take extreme care, as this is the internet and we can provide no guarantee of the honesty or integrity of anyone with whom you might communicate using our services.
11. I understand and agree that I will not hold GuysLink liable for any consequences which may directly or indirectly ensue from my use of any of the facilities provided by this website. Additionally, I understand and agree that GuysLink provides no warranty of the level nor of the quality of service that it provides and is unable to exercise control over, guarantee the integrity of, or be held responsible for the actions of anyone who uses this website service, whether or not they are a registered account holder.